This is a text version of the main photo slideshow on this webpage.

Slide 1. Welcome to Ventana Vista mural

Slide 2. Student council thinking about being a boss versus being a leader.

Slide 3. Kinder Spanish Immersion

Slide 4. Lunchtime DJ

Slide 5. Where the mountain meets the moon pictures

Slide 6. Kids at Community Garden decorating pumpkins

Slide 7. Art Festival 2017

Slide 8. Art Festival 2017

Slide 9. Kinder garden area

Slide 10. Art Festival 2017

Slide 11.Student creating sculpture

Slide 12. Game to Promote Growth Mindset

Slide 13. Principal's lunch participants

Slide 14. STEM Adventure Field Trip

Slide 15. STEM Adventure Field Trip

Slide 16. Community Garden

Slide 17. Kids at recess

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